Buckinghamshire Ambassadors Awards

In its inaugural year, the Buckinghamshire Ambassadors Awards celebrate the multiple different aspects of Business best practices in the Buckinghamshire region, covering such aspects as ecological and social responsibility, through to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Sponsored by the Regional Development Agency, Aylesbury Vale enterprise hub, the Innovation award recognises companies that bring unique and new offerings into their business practices and approach. To enter this award, eventricity provided details of the Event Driven Marketing project at Banca Antonveneta using our Timeframe and Coffee software.

“It is exactly the kind of entrepreneurial and innovative success that we want to help develop and grow in Buckinghamshire”, said Angus Murray of UK Department of Trade & Industry.

The project itself involved implementing a marketing system into Banca Antonveneta that would recognise the best and most appropriate time for the Bank to communicate with their customers. The innovative technique used by eventricity is called Event Driven Marketing.

“We had to learn to think about a new way of communication — of surprising the customer,” says Luca Nazzario, Head of CRM at Banca Antonveneta. “The Event-Driven approach is also extremely cost-effective, as it uses insight the bank already has to identify those customers most in need of a new product or service.”

Mark Holtom, Director of eventricity Ltd, said, “We worked in conjunction with the Bank to try and help them achieve their need to communicate in a timely manner with relevant offers using our software.”

Event Driven Marketing

Research has shown that the average response rates for campaigns using techniques such as segmentation, modelling and scoring are between 2% and 5%.

An Event Driven Marketing approach analyses the needs and actions of customers individually on a daily basis to determine when something significant has happened to them and that they require contact. This is termed Customer Pull instead of Product Push. The same research showed that average response rates for Event Driven campaigns typically range from 20% to 50%.

Timeframe and Coffee

Timeframe is an application designed for implementing Event Driven Marketing (EDM) in a Retail Bank. It is a pre-packaged application containing a data framework, a library of Events and all of the Business logic for the implementation of an Event Driven Marketing solution.

In its simplest form, Timeframe is an automated process which will take daily data feeds from a Bank, analyse them and produce a list of leads. These leads are Bank Customers to whom a significant Event has occurred within the last 12-24 hours.

Until now, implementing Event Driven Marketing has always been a bespoke effort requiring in the order of $1m and 12 months to complete. With Timeframe, a working solution can be delivered within a few weeks at a fraction of this price. “This approach dramatically reduces the risk and payback time for the Bank,” said Mark Holtom of eventricity.

Banca Antonveneta is one of the main banking groups in Italy with around €50 Billion in assets. Headquartered in Padova, it has over 10,000 staff in 1,000 branches throughout Italy.

More information on Banca Antonveneta can be found at: http://www.antonveneta.it

eventricity Ltd is a UK based software developer and consultancy focussed on providing complete solutions for Event Driven Marketing.

More information on eventricity Ltd, Timeframe and Event Driven Marketing can be found at https://www.eventricity.biz or by emailing

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