Event Driven Marketing Case Study for Customer Attrition in Banks
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Case Study 1: Attrition at a Retail Bank


Competitive pressure causing attrition coupled with the inability to act in a timely manner to address this. The need was to recognise and retain customers but reduce costs doing this.


As a regional bank with over 1 million customers, they had a large market share in their local area, but this was coming under pressure from other banks. The Bank prided themselves on their personal approach and the personal banker was seen as the key interface to the customer.

The Bank was implementing a CRM Customer Dashboard for use by the personal banker and any solution had to be integrated with this.


The intention was to implement Event Driven Marketing using Events that detected customer churn potential within a 24 hour period instead of months.

The objective was to analyse bank data and to provide tools to deliver optimised leads to the personal banker on a daily basis. Not only was this a technological change but it also required the Bank to communicate a new culture of change to the personal bankers and to encourage innovation in customer service.

Workshops were used to define the Events which were indicative of churn and which were of interest to the personal bankers. These Events were implemented using the Bank’s data within a matter of a few weeks. The system was then linked to the Bank’s network and installed in their Marketing department.

In the pilot stage leads were delivered to a select group of personal bankers with monitoring of the results and feedback by Marketing in order to tune and adjust the Events. This was done dynamically by the Marketing users (with no IT involvement). Once the Events had been tuned to the Bank’s needs the EDM process was completely automated.

In the rollout stage EDM leads were integrated with the Bank’s CRM Customer Dashboard providing the personal banker with a prioritised list of Events and actions along with a single, comprehensive view of each customer.

Business benefit:

As a direct result of this EDM project the customer attrition rate was halved, ie. within 6 months of the start of the project, and with no other initiatives being taken, churn was reduced by 50%!

Further, the bank calculated that they saved €3.9m from lost customers in the first 11 months of the project. The project cost €400k and was paid for by savings made in 5 weeks of processing.

Finally, as a result of the ‘Timely and Relevant’ customer contact the bank found that they also generated sales rates of 34% for their contacts compared to their previous rates of <2% achieved from normal targeted marketing.

The business benefit was increase value to customers without any significant increase in marketing or service costs. The project has resulted in timely intervention in the attrition process with higher response rates, higher customer acceptance and satisfaction along with lower costs of delivery.

Next steps:

The intention was to develop new Events in other areas such as sales, risk and service, along with the integration and delivery to other channels.


In an update to the above, the bank was taken over by a larger Bank and the project was shelved as it was to be replaced by a ‘better’ solution from the parent bank.

Sadly in the following years, despite spending several millions in new software. the parent bank has not managed to implement any similar solution and their churn rate has returned to the previous levels and their sales results have dropped back to the norm of < 2%.

More Info:

Now that we have released our infographic on EDM, some of the above has been updated and details can be seen in the graphic below. Here are the reductions in churn rate for these banks after implementing EDM.

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