Business rules implementation and Lead optimising software

eventricity’s Coffee Optimiser is a series of parameter driven Business rules and ’filters’ which are used to refine Event leads produced raw from Timeframe into Optimised leads which are the most appropriate, timely, profitable and acceptable.

There are three main areas of overall functionality in the Optimiser; Customer Recency Limiting, Customer/Event Ranking and Channel Limiting.

Customer Recency Limiting

Recency Limiting is the process to prevent over contact with customers by removing leads which occur too soon after a previous Event and contact.

In terms of recency, there are two aspects to consider; the timing and the type of contact.

  • Timing, ie. How many days is it since the previous contact with the customer?
  • Type, ie. What was the reason for the last contact (Sales, information, risk)? Also, what is the reason for the current contact?


The timing is variable depending upon the type of contact. For example, If the last time I contacted a customer was 5 days ago to sell them something then it is too soon to sell them something more. But it is not too soon to contact the customer if the current lead concerns risk or fraud?

If there has been a sufficient time lapse since the last contact, the lead is passed on to the next part of the Optimising Process.

Customer and Event Ranking

On any given day a customer could be selected for more than one type of Event, eg. He could have both a New Salary and a Large Deposit. We don’t want to bombard the customer with offers. Instead we need to choose which is the most important lead and deliver this one.

Ranking is the part of the overall process where multiple leads for an individual customer are deduplicated. All leads for a particular Customer are ranked and the highest ranking lead is passed on to the next step. Thus we need to be able to define the rules to determine which of these event leads would be delivered to the channel.

Coffee provides two separate options of Deduplicating customer leads; Event ranking or position ranking.
There are several methods by which this ranking can be done – comparing events against each other, comparing position within the leads table or using external scores. Each different method is set out as an option in Coffee.

Once the deduplication process has completed the remaining Events leads are ranked against each other again. Now we have a list of Event leads ranked in order of priority (both by Customer and by Event) in preparation for Channel Limiting.

Channel limiting

Each channel has different capabilities and limits in terms of the number of leads it can process. For example, a call centre may be able to make hundreds of calls an hour whereas a Personal Banker may only be able to handle 10 in a day.

Of course there is no point sending leads to the channel if they can’t be acted upon, so we select the best leads from the list up to the capacity of the channel – even down to the individual personal banker.

Optimiser Value

Having followed the steps above, we now have an optimal list of leads for delivery to the Channel. They are passed to the Bank’s CRM tool or Marketing Automation product for delivery to the channel.

Although Coffee is a sophisticated tool it runs as an automated process and is managed and used by Marketing without recourse to IT development or support.