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We are the Event Driven Marketing specialists

We believe that we are the premier Event Driven Marketing (EDM) specialists in the CRM marketplace. We pride ourselves on our focus and direction and offer no products or services in any other areas.

Other companies can offer consultancy in areas such as Vision and Strategy or across the whole generalised area of CRM. At eventricity, we can offer a complete range of consultancy on Event Driven Marketing covering Vision, Strategy, Projects, Products and Implementation. It is the only thing that we do.


We can help the Bank articulate their Vision and objectives for implementing Event Driven Marketing.


It is all very well having a clear and defined Vision. The problems start when you need to decide how to achieve that, and using what steps. Using over 30 years of experience in this area, we can help you do this.


Having a history of implementing successful EDM projects, we are able to offer the Bank a defined, staged and managed Project which is on time, on budget and achieving objectives - every time.


We are the only company that has actually productised the implementation of Event Driven Marketing. Thus where others will offer a consultative development (of undefined cost, duration and results), we can offer a clear defined deliverable. Not only that, as it is a real product, you can even see it working and try before you buy.


Once installed, we continue to provide the Bank with support and if necessary, further development.

The Event Driven Marketing process can be split into three areas of effort;

  • the detection of the Events themselves,
  • the filtering of the Event leads to determine the best and most optimal one’s to deliver and
  • the delivery of these leads to the Customer as part of a multi-step, multi-channel dialogue.


Our approach to implementing Event Driven Marketing can be broken down into a further two functional areas;

  • Development & Implementation and
  • Mentoring & Consultancy
  • This gives us six areas of effort which can be seen in the graphic below.


At eventricity, using Timeframe and Coffee, we concern ourselves with the first four of these areas. The latter parts are the responsibility of the Bank’s chosen CRM / Marketing Automation tool.

Why? Because there are literally hundreds of products in the Campaign Management / Marketing Automation space, whereas there is no other product in the world providing similar functionality to Timeframe and Coffee.

At eventricity we are database technology and CRM tool agnostic. We have no preference as to the choice made by the Bank and will work with anyone including bespoke developments. We simply deliver Event leads to the CRM tool.

Diagram showing relationship between eventricity tools and training opportunities

As part of an EDM project, eventricity would conduct 2 workshops to determine, analyse, assess and document the Bank’s specific Event needs.

The first workshop lasts 2-3 days and will allow the Bank to define the Events they wish to implement along with an assessment of the potential value. At this time, eventricity can then start with the implementation of the Timeframe framework, including specifying and loading of Bank data, initial implementation and parameterisation of the Events and the setting up of the Event automation process.

Next, we determine the business rules for optimising and filtering the leads. The results of this workshop can then be fed directly into Coffee parameters. We are now ready to deliver leads to the Bank’s CRM tool. This can be done using a simple database table or even via the internet.

The steps above outline the generic process to defining and implementing an EDM solution. Here at eventricity we are flexible in our approach and projects can be conducted as required by the Bank. One way to move ahead is using our Proof of Business Value offer.