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EDM Product Overview

Whenever a Bank wishes to offer a product or service, it does not send the offer to every single customer.

In order to choose who to contact Banks use computer based marketing tools. These tools typically use statistical analysis to select customers who are interested in the proposal. In general they can do this in three different ways; segmentation, scoring and modelling (and combinations of all three).

Event Driven Marketing from Timeframe is a new, fourth way to do this. Timeframe analyses individual customer’s actions to determine the appropriate time to make an offer.

Timeframe is a pre-packaged application and data framework developed by eventricity Ltd. It is a product which automates the analysis and detection of Event Leads. It contains the data model, a library of Events and all of the Business logic for the implementation of Event Driven Marketing in a Bank

In its simplest form Timeframe will take daily data feeds from the Bank, load them into the Timeframe database, analyse them and produce a list of leads. These leads are Bank Customers to whom a significant Event has occurred within the last 12-24 hours and who need to be contacted by the Bank – today.

Once the leads have been generated, the information in them can be enhanced and made specific to each Customer using OfferManager. OfferManager is a tool for creating individual and personalised communication texts for each lead.

Coffee is a tool for filtering and Optimising the Event leads generated by Timeframe. before passing them to Tango or the Bank’s CRM Tool / Marketing Automation system for delivery to the Channels.

Tango is a Process Management tool used by the marketing department to define Customer Journeys and manage Business Processes.

Key Facts:

  • Timeframe, OfferManager, Coffee and Tango are designed to run in an automated fashion, and on a day to day basis require no user intervention.
  • They are database agnostic and will work with the database that you already have. There are versions for Oracle and SQL Server (other DBs can be provided on request).
  • They are CRM tool agnostic and will work with the CRM tool that you already have – including in-house developed applications.
  • They are designed to add EDM capability to your existing CRM capability rather than replace it.
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