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Frequently Asked Questions on EDM

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We believe this site is the most extensive and complete source of information on Event Driven Marketing (EDM) on the internet. Here you will find over 30 pages of detail, research and background data on EDM as well as information on our products and services. Please feel free to browse around and don’t forget to check out our blog for even more information.

This page is designed to answer frequently asked questions about eventricity and Event Driven Marketing to allow you to learn more about EDM and our products and services.

General Questions

Why invest in Event Driven Marketing?

The simple answer is that Event Driven Marketing provides better results than normal targeted or statistical marketing. Not just better – but dramatically better.

There have been several sets of research that show that EDM has produced fantastic results on marketing performance, from increased customer satisfaction, response rates and sales to reduced opt-out, churn and marketing costs. We are proud to say that our customers have benefited from a combination of all of these results.

Why buy from eventricity?
  • We are the only company worldwide that specialises in Event Driven Marketing.
  • We actually have a complete EDM solution (application, Event library, process). Unlike our competitors, it is real and you can see it before it is implemented.
  • We are recognised world leaders in the field of EDM and have won multiple awards for our EDM projects.
  • We can implement a complete working EDM solution in weeks (not years)
  • There are no extra costs for specialised hardware, infrastructure, training or other CRM modules.
  • Our solution costs less than any competitor. Not only that, it usually pays for itself within months.
What software do you provide?

We provide three EDM applications; Timeframe, Coffee and OfferManager that run against bank data held in standard SQL databases. Timeframe is the Event detection application, Coffee provides Event lead optimisation and OfferManager creates targeted content for each individual Lead..

What does Timeframe give me?

Timeframe consists of a framework application and Event library. It runs as an automated, black box solution. Simply feed it with the correct data and it will provide you with a list of Event leads.

What does Coffee give me?

Coffee provides deduplication, overcontact, recency and the channel limiting of leads. It will analyse the Event leads provided by Timeframe and determine the best ones to be delivered to the channel.

What does OfferManager give me?

OfferManager analyses the Event leads provided by Timeframe and enhances them with ideas for Next Best Offers/Actions based on information from the Bank’s analytic systems.

What CRM applications does Timeframe work with?

Timeframe is CRM tool agnostic and will provide leads to any CRM tool (Unica, SAS, Chordiant, etc.), including those CRM applications that have been developed by the Bank.

Can I change the Events?

Yes. The Timeframe application is designed to allow maintenance, management, tuning and parameterisation of Events by non-technical marketing staff. k.

Can I develop my own Events?

Yes, The Bank can develop their own Events (using standard SQL) and incorporate them into Timeframe. Once done, they can be managed by marketing users in exactly the same way as any other Event in the library.

How much effort is involved to run Timeframe?

Timeframe is designed to run automatically on a day to day basis. Our customers report their input to monitor and manage their systems is around 2-3 days effort per month. This should be compared to a project developed by a competitor who requires 1 FTE just to run the Events.

Hardware, Software & Architecture Questions

What do I need to run Timeframe/Coffee?

The short answer is an SQL database that provides an OLEDB/ODBC interface. Timeframe and Coffee were designed to run using common technical standards and there are no specialised infrastructure or interface needs. This means that they can be implemented into practically any bank’s system with minimal time/effort/cost.

What databases are supported?

Timeframe and Coffee are designed to be database independent. There are versions for Oracle (vsn 8 onwards) and SQL server (2005 onwards). We can also provide versions other databases on request.

What hardware and operating system configurations are supported?

Timeframe and Coffee are client applications that run in a Microsoft Windows environment (XP, Windows Server, Win7). They need access via OLEDB/ODBC to an SQL database which can be hosted on a standard Windows Server or Linux server.

How fast will it run?

The answer to this depends upon two factors; the number of customers in the database and the size of the database server. In benchmarks, Timeframe runs against an Oracle database containing 1.3m customers on a small Dell server costing €10,000 in around 1 hour per day.


Who are your competitors?

The first thing to do is an internet search for either Event Driven Marketing or Event Based Marketing and see what you can come up with. As you will find, this provides a very short list of possibilities.

However, Gartner lists 6 companies that can provide Event Driven Marketing (eventricity, Harte Hanks, Infor, SAS, Teradata and IBM/Unica). Having said this only two companies have an actual, demonstrable, installable EDM product. The remainder rely upon either a ‘consultative’ approach or a rebadging of simple trigger apps.

How is eventricity different from your competitors?
  • EDM is our only business and we don’t sell anything else other than EDM solutions.
  • We have an actual product to sell. You can see it working before you buy it.
  • You don’t have to replace any other part of your CRM solution. We work with what you already have.
  • We do not try to sell you other CRM components or systems, nor do we try to sell rooms full of ‘consultants’.

Support & Development

What Technical Support is available?

Our software comes with a complete support and maintenance service. We can also provide support to the Bank in the definition and development of their own Events.

What Training is available?

Training in the use of Timeframe / Coffee usually takes about ½ day and is provided as part of the implementation project.

An EDM Project & POBV

How can I implement EDM?

We provide a service called a Proof of Business Value where eventricity will implement a complete and working copy of Timeframe that the Bank can use for FREE for 3 months. After this time the bank will have the information to support the business decision for EDM based on the bank’s own data and figures. The cost for implementing a PoBV is €75,000.

What effort is involved in implementing a PoBV?

The time for a PoBV is around 12 weeks with the work being done by eventricity staff. The effort required from the Bank is around 40 man days.

How do I sign up?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us and we will be happy to come and demonstrate our software and prove our capabilities to you.