eventricity Ltd recognised by Gartner as key supplier for EDM

eventricity ltd recognised by Gartner as key supplier for Event Driven Marketing.

At eventricity, we are very proud to be acknowledged by Gartner as a main provider of Event Trigger Marketing solutions alongside 5 of the major players in the CRM marketplace (Harte-Hanks, SAS, SSA, Teradata and Unica).

“To be considered alongside the biggest names in the CRM industry is a great honour and recognition of our capability and results,” said Mark Holtom, Director, eventricity Ltd.

Market Positioning


In the Event Driven Marketing arena there are three main types of vendor; those who deliver through consultancy, those who are linked to a specific technology and those whose EDM capability is part of a larger overall CRM suite. Thus if you want a bespoke development, your technology matches, or you are looking for a complete CRM suite, you should be able to find a vendor to suit you.

For those of you who don’t want to be tied to one technology or CRM offering, or those who already have a CRM solution to which you want to add EDM capability, then we suggest you take a look at Timeframe and Coffee.

There are several key aspects which differentiate eventricity and our software, Timeframe and Coffee, from our competitors:

  • eventricity specialise in Event Driven Marketing. Unlike all of our competitors, EDM is not one small part of our business – it is our business.
  • Our software, Timeframe and Coffee, links to whichever CRM tool is being used by the Bank, including internally developed solutions. This is distinct from our competitors for whom their EDM component is one small part of a larger CRM solution and not standalone.
  • Timeframe and Coffee are database independent. They are not linked to certain databases or even specific hardware. Currently they run on Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata and Sybase.
  • We provide a library of proven, profitable Events for Retail Banks. Not all ‘Events’ are equal. Ours have been shown to achieve dramatic results. For example positive response rates to our leads average at 34%!
  • Timeframe and Coffee are proven products. They can be installed and working within a few weeks. This is distinct to some vendors, whose approach is purely consultative with bespoke development. We feel our approach is repeatable, faster, cheaper and more maintainable.
  • Award winning. Our implementation of Timeframe and Coffee with ABN Amro Antonveneta has received 4 international CRM and marketing awards. The results of this will soon be available as a white paper on our website and presented to attendees at the next EFMA CRM conference.
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Despite advances in the market, we still believe Timeframe and Coffee to be the only application software of its type in the world. They deliver Event Driven Marketing leads to any existing CRM solution, allowing them to increase their response rates by up to 10 times more than before.

About eventricity Ltd

Eventricity Ltd is a UK based software developer and consultancy focussed on providing complete solutions for Event Driven Marketing.

For further information see www.eventricity.biz or please contact

Mark Holtom, eventricity Ltd
Tel: +44-7803-231-802
Email: info_at_eventricity.biz

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