At eventricity Ltd we believe in Event Driven Marketing

We have worked on projects with some of the Banking industry’s leading exponents and had seen the results, the dramatic rise in response rates, the drop in attrition and the reduction in marketing costs. All were key measurable goals for anyone in the marketing department.

But the delivery of a workable solution always involved a huge effort. An EDM engagement would usually cost >€1m and take at least 12 months. Not only that, we were always reinventing the wheel, starting each new engagement from scratch.

There are less than 10 Banks in the whole world who are successfully using an EDM approach. Of these, 3-4 are the famous ones that are often quoted at conferences. All were developed using the same technology, by the same people. All do the same thing yet all implementations are different.

There Had to be a Better Way

In December 2003 we started up eventricity Ltd. The initial work was providing consultancy around Event Driven Marketing. During this time, we again asked the question “Was there a way this work could be made into a re-usable Product?”

After a lot of discussion, design, development and testing, the result was Timeframe and Coffee. We believe that these two framework applications can provide ANY Retail Bank with the ability to implement an EDM solution in just a few weeks.

If you don’t believe us, check out our offer to prove this in our Proof of Business Value.

eventricity Ltd is a product development and consultancy company. Our business model is to work with local technology partners to deliver solutions. We are actively engaged in discussions to provide localised support in several European Countries.