Offer Manager

A tool to provide precisely targeted content for each individual Customer

OfferManager is a tool for use by Marketers that creates targeted and specific content for each individual Lead.

In normal processing, the leads from a marketing tool are passed directly to the Channel ‘as is’. The problem with this is that Relationship Managers complain about not knowing what to say and that any lead has to be researched extensively before they can make contact. Similarly the Call Centre Agents complain that their cookie-cutter scripts are not appropriate.

Using OfferManager the lead text can be enhanced and refined with the information that the bank already has about the Customer so that instead of a Lead stating that a ‘Large Deposit’ has happened, it can now also provide background details about the customer and their status. This information provides a more complete picture or story for the Relationship Manager or agent to use in his contact.

The scripts produced are not fixed but are completely variable and different for each Customer based on that particular Customer’s data.

There are four main areas of overall functionality in OfferManager; Setup the base data, Define the steps for each Event, define the process for each Event and finally the actions for each step.

Setup the Base data

OfferManager can access and use data from multiple sources such as scores and indexes created by statistical modelling tools. Examples include such things as:

  • a Customer’s birthday or age
  • a Customer’s profitability or risk score
  • the Customer’s segment
  • the next best product to suggest.


The objective is that, for each particular Event lead, OfferManager will check this data and depending upon the content will perform a particular action.

OfferManager Steps

OfferManager allows the Marketeer to define steps for each piece of data. eg. a step for looking at

  • Next best Product
  • Age
  • Segment, etc.


Once defined, these steps can be reused in processing for different Events.

OfferManager Process

Now that we have basic steps defined, we can combine them to create communication processes.

OfferManager allows the Marketeer to define a complete communication process for each type of lead. Thus each lead will provide the necessary details to support a Relationship Manager in their conversation with the Customer.

Ultimately, this definition of this process will be used as a way to provide a common, consistent way to communicate with each Customer. In this way, the Bank can ensure that the Relationship Manager will always check A, ask about B and offer the customer C whenever this Event happens.

OfferManager Actions

The data in a particular step differs for each customer, and depending upon the value of the data, different actions need to be performed.

These actions are defined in OfferManager and result in different script texts to be included in the lead.

For example: If AGE

< 18 …….. Text A

19-30 ……..Text B

> 31 …….. Text C

Ultimately, OfferManager provides scripted leads specific to each individual Customer which provide Relationship Managers with the information they need to be able to communicate effectively. At the same time it offers the bank the ability to define and implement a consistent communication process.

OfferManager is a sophisticated tool that runs as an automated process and is managed and used by the Marketing user without recourse to IT development or support.

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