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Proof Of Business Value

In our most recent RFP, we found that an Event Driven Marketing project from our competitors would take 3 years and cost over €3m to implement. And this was without any guarantee of success. Implementing EDM begins to sound quite risky.

Nevertheless the benefits are compelling – so the challenge is “how can we implement an EDM solution with minimal time, cost and risk?” In order to try and answer this need, eventricity has developed an offer called the “Proof of Business Value “.

The offer is that eventricity will implement a full, complete, working EDM solution using our Timeframe & Coffee software in a Bank for €75,000.

Once installed, the Bank can then run the software FREE for 3 months to assess the Business Value and to determine the level of customer / user acceptance. After this they can either license the product or switch it off.

This offer is distinctly different for a traditional “Proof of Concept” which would simply show that an idea is feasible. A “Proof of Business Value” will actually show you whether it is worthwhile. As a result you will know:

  • does it work?
  • what level of results will I achieve?
  • do Customers like it?
  • when will I get payback?

This offer includes:

  • All Workshops, Event definitions and data assessments.
  • Data setup and loading
  • The implementation of 3-5 Events and the software required to run them.
  • Testing & Support

Compare Us

How is is possible that we can implement a complete, working system in 3 months for €75,000 and our competitors take 3 years and cost €3m? In simple terms it’s the difference between installing Microsoft Word and writing a whole, new word processor. We are able to make this offer for this price because our application already exists and our whole implementation process has been productised whereas they are writing custom code from scratch – every single time.

The vast majority of our competitors charge much more (sometimes millions of €) essentially for bespoke work. They don’t have an EDM product, or a framework, or a library of Events. Not only that, some ’solutions’ are even linked to specific hardware.

Timeframe and Coffee were designed from the ground up to provide the Marketing user with a usable, manageable framework for managing Event Driven Marketing.

Our goal is simple: to create the easiest and most powerful EDM tool on the market.

Need to know more? Try our Frequently Asked Questions, or email us or call us on +44 (0) 7803 231 802.

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