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Status & results for Real-Time EDM projects in Banks 2015

At the start of September, we asked several Banks about their plans and results regarding Real-time Event Driven Marketing. The idea was to find out the status of this approach from real projects rather than vendor presentations. Responses were received from Banks in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Q1: Have you, or are you planning to implement Real-Time EDM as part of your CRM strategy?
No Plans0%
Q2: If yes, can you tell me which vendor(s) are used or in consideration?
  • Self-developed
  • SAS (planned) and IBM Unica (used) also mentioned once each.
Q3: If yes, how many ‘Events’ have you implemented?
  • Implemented 2-4
  • Planned 5-7
Q4: Is your R-T EDM part of a product, a ‘toolset’ or bespoke development?

The vendor has an actual, deliverable, installable   R-T EDM offering.

Custom development0%

All work is pretty much low level coding to deliver our needs.


We have a set of tools and a framework to help development.

Q5: Who developed/delivered the Events?
Vendor developed0%
Part of a library / product0%
Is there anything else you wish to share, or comment on?
  • There is no vendor offering. We have to develop ourselves.
  • 40m transactions provided 10k leads per month.
  • 2 Events are fine, but managing and maintaining a larger number will be difficult.
  • We have 10-12 business scenarios, but only 2 need real-time responses.
  • Problem of integration with current leads.
Event Ideas
  • Overdraft offer
  • Extending the credit line
  • Customer is travelling – sell travel offering
  • Large deposit trigger for sale of investment product
  • Of the banks that responded, 74% had already implemented a couple of trial Events.
  • Everyone who had developed events said they used a toolset. Closer questioning revealed there was no actual toolset available, but that they had used industry tools and a couple used ‘some vendor modules’.
  • All Events were self-developed (except one bank who had them developed by a consultant).
  • There seems to be some consistency in the Events already developed, ie. Everybody was delivering variations of the same 2-4 Events.
  • On average about 5-7 further Events are planned but the ‘real-time’ requirement is weaker.
  • We can see that this is very early days for this approach with Banks and all work is being done in-house.
  • No results are being published but one Bank reported ‘very good’ results from their Overdraft Event.
  • The biggest problem is not with defining and using the technology, but rather in determining the business scenarios that this technology is trying to address.
Anecdotal Summary:

The following are anonymised, anecdotal comments made to us by some Banks as part of the survey process:


  • We asked vendors for R-T EDM in an RFP. All said yes they could deliver this. We chose one vendor but this has now become a long term project to completely replace our CRM system with Events being promised sometime in phase n (way down the line).
  • Four banks reported having been presented to by a major consultant about R-T EDM with the business scenarios of Account Overdraft and extending Credit Limit. One bank has implemented this and results were good, but they found no further ideas were forthcoming and these were the only two scenarios they could come up with. They are now in RFI with vendors/consultants looking for more business scenarios.
  • Every vendor has a toolset, but no-one has a solution (for Banking). There are no solutions being offered by vendors that we trust. We have to do this ourselves


One further Bank has come back with their results after I had compiled all of the other results. Their answers tallied almost exactly with those of the other banks – except in one area. They say that they have already implemented 100 real-time Events. Obviously this is stark contrast to everybody else who has managed 2-4 Events.


If you would like to learn more, then I suggest you attend the Efma marketing summit in Paris 23rd November, where this Bank will be presenting their results.

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