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The common marketing mantra is that we should offer the Right Product to the Right Customer at the Right Time. So to do this we developed traditional Product based marketing in which there are three main steps; decide on the product, find the leads and communicate....

I was asked by a Bank recently if we had an ‘Event engine’ that could handle and process 200,000 ‘Events’ per second. It seems that they are interested in Event Driven Marketing and we have had some discussion about this, but they are receiving advice from a leading consultant, who told them this would be a minimum requirement for implementing Event...

People often ask for examples of ‘Events’. You can see some elsewhere in this blog (see blogs around Jan 2010), but here is a nice one. The definition of an Event is something that triggers a significant change in the state of the Customer, either in fact or in their mind. These triggers can come from several sources, both internal...