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Marketing campaigns in the banking sector have average response rates of 2%-5%.


It doesn’t matter which CRM tool you use – the response rates are the same. There has to be a better way with higher levels of Business value.


There is.


It is called Event Driven Marketing.


Event Driven Marketing (EDM) is an approach that determines the correct time to contact a person (Customer Pull) instead of the typical direct marketing approach (Product Push). Banks who have successfully deployed Event Driven Marketing achieve average Customer response rates of between 20% and 50% for their campaigns. That’s 10 times more effective than normal CRM marketing.

eventricity can implement Event Driven Marketing linked to any CRM tool using our Event Library and Timeframe and Coffee applications.

If you want to know more about eventricity or Event Driven Marketing (sometimes called Event Based Marketing or Trigger Based marketing) and how it differs from targeted marketing, then follow the links within our site. You will discover how eventricity can help you obtain these same high levels of Customer response and satisfaction. You can also find a wealth of information in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Products

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  • Timeframe

    Timeframe is a completely automated application to create, manage and detect Events.

  • OfferManager

    OfferManager lets you create detailed and specific communications for each individual Customer

  • Coffee

    Coffee allows you to create, manage and automate Business rules to deliver the most Optimal Leads

  • Tango

    Tango lets you create Business Processes that are interactive, multi-channel Customer Journeys

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Our Awards

See why our software keeps winning

Although eventricity is a small company, we are pleased to be able to tell you that we have received 4 International Awards for our project work.

We are especially proud to be recognised by both NCDM and Peppers & Rodgers, as eventricity Ltd was the only non-American company selected for their awards.

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